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Could I request being able to zoom out? I like my boobs nipples BIG and I wanna be able to see them in all their glory :)

I hate my Chromebook. Nothing works on it. Excellent game but can only play the browser version. I have WIndows desktop but can't get these RAR files open either. Looks like I need to buy another program to extract it. Would rather give you more money than pay for an extractor program. Anyway really good game. Thank you

You can download/use winRar for free, but that's an older version of the game.  

If it runs slow in chrome, try firefox. 

Where can i download Version 1.0???

Sorry, it's web only.  Switching between builds is tremendously time consuming.


ummmmmmmmm I think I like it.

watersports plz




great game\

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how do you launch the game on mac?

It's Web only.

The skin and hair changers disappear after two uses, is this purposeful?

Is there 32 bit?

But it's still a good throatfuck game by he way

Yeah I agree with you agergo100, the webGL is slow and not playable...why I can see a nice and clean animation of the game and when I play it's painfull to see how frame by frame the game runs...I hope that the next updated will fix this problem and I hope that there will be a better version of the game to download in the future aephrosi too...

webGL is slow

Try firefox.

Hello an thanks for this AWSOME game (i love Fuck throats a lot!). Can you tellme how i can play a downloaded version of this game, i download the "" but seems i cannot open with NOTHING, later i download the ThreatFuckFantasy0-5.rar, but its not the last version, i know the last its 1.0, but for download its the 0.9, i can wait for the 1.0 version, but its gona be like the 0.9?, if yes... I cannot play it, i dont know how open it. The "index.html" archive say it cannot work on the internet explorer (but not work on chrome, firefox, etc...). And again, thanks for the game, i really love that throat ;).


As far as I know, you can't download it to play it.  It has to be played in the browser and from a server.  1.0 is out and is the available on the main page.


Thanks a lot, as i say, i download 0.5, and this it WORKS offline (for that i want to download). So i was thinking the others can be use. Seems i was thinking the download its for play offline, but seems its only for work or something.

Its good to know that, thanks to you i just focus to play it here.


Yea, I switched from download-only builds to web-only builds so they can be played more easily and across all OS's

Quick question; will there ever be some kind of update which can lessen or skip the grind?

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You did it. It's done. Basic saving is in the latest release. ;)
Available now.

awesome game that keeps getting better!!Did notice with the breast injectors there doesn't seem to be a limit on how big you can make the nipple or areola, not the case with the breast though...any plans to increase or remove the size limit?

Thanks! There should have been limits on the areola, nipples and breasts, but there was a bug there.  In the next release the limits will be removed and an indicator for "unstable" levels will be added.

cant use the web gl version in firefox and when used through the desktop app the fullscreen mode cuts off the sides

Waaat?  I use/ test in Firefox.  Does it fix it if you maximize the window/game? If not, could you drop a link to a screenshot?  Thanks!

This is actually a cool little game, and I thank you for it!

And as others have said, would be nice with an "auto" animation. And the increase in tips in v6 is really nice.
Have you thought of possibly changing size/length/shape of the penis? Or possibly other camera angles?

Thank you for the comment! The machine is there for the "auto" animation aspect, and I do want to add additional angles through the use of additional monitors, like the overhead view currently available.

Adjusting the size of the penis is definitely on my todo list as well.

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Size adjustment released in v0.7

That's actually a pretty cool little update! :D

Keep up the work, it's always fun seeing what people can make.

why did the download link of v1 dissapear liked the look of it without the space vibe

Thanks for the feedback!  I just didn't want the versioning to be confusing, so I disabled the v1 and v2 downloads. I've gone ahead and re-enabled them for the time being.

Now that there are some game play elements to earn currency, I do want to add different backgrounds / lighting to be purchasable with that currency in upcoming releases.

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Are there going to be any hands free controls?

I really like what you have so far.

Thanks!  Yea, I would like to have an "auto" animation.  Shouldn't be too hard to implement.