The secret to a fulfilled life is to continually engage in new experiences.  This is why I love video games.  They allow for experiences not really accessible otherwise: Building castles, traveling through space, or throat-fucking a busty red-head as a tentacle beast.

This game focuses on that last entry, and I'm building in a ton of kinks. Check it out, and share the kinks you want to experience. for a video

Currently in development.

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ThroatFuckFantasy0-1.rar 244 MB
ThroatFuckFantasy0-2.rar 251 MB 251 MB
ThroatFuckFantasy0-3.rar 243 MB
ThroatFuckFantasy0-4.rar 244 MB
ThroatFuckFantasy0-5.rar 245 MB

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This is actually a cool little game, and I thank you for it!

And as others have said, would be nice with an "auto" animation. And the increase in tips in v6 is really nice.
Have you thought of possibly changing size/length/shape of the penis? Or possibly other camera angles?

why did the download link of v1 dissapear liked the look of it without the space vibe

Thanks for the feedback!  I just didn't want the versioning to be confusing, so I disabled the v1 and v2 downloads. I've gone ahead and re-enabled them for the time being.

Now that there are some game play elements to earn currency, I do want to add different backgrounds / lighting to be purchasable with that currency in upcoming releases.

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Are there going to be any hands free controls?

I really like what you have so far.

Thanks!  Yea, I would like to have an "auto" animation.  Shouldn't be too hard to implement.