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Come and play a sexy, level based, stealth / action game where a succubus has to hunt down and seduce targets to acquire the very precious commodity of Lust.

Introductory / Tutorial level complete.  Further episodic releases coming soon.

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SuccubusSoldier3D-Level 1 Build
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First problem the sprint button reacts very slowly. Second enemies do way to much damage. Third blocking is basically useless. forth healing barely does enough to heal from getting hit once.

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also the sneak bit is pretty bad not only can i not see shit but you seriously have them attack you if you wait to long? doesn't help that they see you from quite far away, and there is no indication of how quiet you are being, plus if you have to run past cause they inevitably spot you, you can't get through the door so you are fucked. i don't know what your are expecting from people.

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I'm glad that you feel strongly enough about it to post your feedback!

I agree that the sprint could use some work.  The enemies do the same amount of damage that you do.  Blocking is only useless from certain angles.  It stops 100% damage if you're facing them. I can increase the healing, that's a good point.

Enemies in the sneaking section don't attack if you wait too long. They can see pretty far.  It's always seemed stupid to me when enemies can only see 5' in front of them.  I would have liked to make them see farther, but I think there is a balance there.

 If you're crouched and behind them, they won't notice you. If they notice you, the door closes.  The point is to prove your sneaking ability.  You're being watched.

A player posted this walk-through on Discord. This was the 3rd attempt. It's supposed to be a challenge.  You're not expected to beat it on the first try.  I fail in testing regularly when I'm not being careful.  https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bc60ac2839bb

Thanks for checking it out.  Let me know if that makes sense.

Ya sorry was unnecessarily aggressive there :/ 

I noticed a few other things, like the sight for the enemies is a bit buggy, i was perfectly behind a rock but i was still noticed a couple of times, even got noticed up near the door a couple times to. 

I would like to suggest that a third view point be added to the stealth, a central view point would help greatly in tight hallways/spaces, having only side view is awkward cause your camera glitches into the walls and such.

Maybe a check point just before the stealth would be nice, cause having to do the running back and through the swinging things gets very tedious lol, especially with the awkward sprint.

Another thing i did notice to was that with the sword there is no heavy attack its just the same as the weak one.

Lastly i'm not sure if anyone one else had this problem but there is no way to quickly switch to your secondary item, for instance with the sword and orb i have to go into my inventory to switch them out every time, though i could just be an idiot and missing the obvious lol.

No worries ;)

I'll see if I can reproduce the line of sight issues.

I'll see if I can implement a fps camera without too much difficulty.

Adding checkpoints would add more complexity than I'd like to get into at this point.  Perhaps later on, or in Succubus Soldier 2 :)

I think I'm going to remove the heavy attack completely.  I'm not particularly fond of control scheme there.

The orb is supposed to be left hand.  You can quick swap with the arrow keys.  There's a very much to subtle indicator above the boxes, which I've already increased the visibility of for future releases.